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Some Days is a book that touches the heart.

It is a book about friendship, kindness and well-being that helps young children understand the importance of being a kind friend.


It also helps children understand that it's okay to not be okay.

Not every day is a perfect day.

A wonderfully heart-warming book with vivid, colourful illustrations by Annette Appleby.

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“I liked how it was so true. Some days me and my friend just have some of those days. Some when we’re sad and some when we’re happy!” 

Anonymous, 10 year old

“I find this book really moving and touching.” 

Anonymous, 10 year old

“I really enjoyed this book because it showed lots of imagery and lots of emotion.” 

Anonymous, 10 year old

“This book tells me that it’s okay to have those days when we feel sad and happy.” 

Anonymous, 10 year old

The rising levels of stress and anxiety in kids both intrigues and saddens me, as you know. I love the beautiful, powerful message behind this story.

Vanessa, Mum of 3

"This story is gorgeous and kids (and adults) will love it!"

Tamie, Teacher

"This gorgeous book touches on having happy days and down days in child-friendly language. This story nearly made me cry with how beautifully it has been written and  illustrated! I can think of a few students in my class who will absolutely benefit from knowing it's okay to be having a down day."

Ashlee, Teacher

"I cried and so did my 16 year-old when we read it together. 

Then my colleague who is going through a rough time at the moment cried when I gave her one the other day. It's the best children's and adult book I've had in forever."

Ree, Teacher
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